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Across the U.S. life expectancy differs by as much as 20 years between poorer and wealthier zip codes within a given urban area. From 20 years in Philadelphia, 13 years in Atlanta, 16 years in Chicago, to 11 in Denver, Americans do not all have the same opportunity to live a healthy life. Where you are born, live, grow, and work have a direct influence on your health and life expectancy. 

Poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunity, oppression, racism, food insecurity, community violence, and lack of access to health care are making our neighborhoods sick. We can do better. 

So where do we start? How do we create a nation in which life expectancy gaps don’t exist between zip codes and everyone has the same chance for a healthy life? This project is our response to what can feel like an overwhelming problem. 

We start by examining the way in which our individual decisions impact the health of our neighbors. Then we act collectively in our communities to bring change. 

We do not have all the answers but join us in seeking them. Our hope is that this site can help illuminate the impact of social determinants of health and offer examples of initiatives that promote health equity. Most of all, we want to create a conversation around these issues. Share your thoughts, your research, your experience, and your ideas. Let’s ask hard questions, share successes, and make #healthyneighborhoods.