If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who is interested in issues of poverty, social justice, healthcare policy, etc. look no further! You can pre order now and let them know they’ll be one of the first to read it in January! Let’s make #healthyneighborhoods together.

Pre-order on Amazon or IVP websites today!

Here’s what people are saying…

“Framed expertly in terms of the macrolevel social determinants of health and the gap in life expectancy between poor neighborhoods and wealthier ones, this heartfelt first-person account by two staff members of Atlanta’s Good Samaritan Health Center makes vivid the microlevel daily pain and struggles of those who live in poverty. It also outlines an activist, social justice approach to making the changes that have to be made with and by community members, in order for neighborhoods to produce health, and not harm, to their residents.”

Ellen Idler, director of Religion and Public Health Collaborative, Emory University

“Through compelling stories, this eye-opening book illuminates the inverse relationship between poverty and health of all kinds. It acknowledges both the complexities and hard realities in addressing needs that often feel overwhelming. And ultimately, it points to hopeful strategies that flow from taking ownership of both the problem and the solution.”

Amy Simpson, author of Troubled Minds

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