Check out Veronica’s recent article about the connection between community health and the importance of local parks. 

From the article,

“Ten years ago, if you had asked me about the importance of the “built environment” on lifespan, I would have returned a blank stare. I didn’t have any exposure to the kind of blight that, over time, weathers neighborhoods and can take years off your life.

Studies show that a person’s lifespan is influenced more by their ZIP code than their genetic code. This is linked to the impact of several factors, including: lack of access to healthcare, community violence, presence of toxins and predatory businesses, and lack of educational and career opportunities. Any of these determinants in isolation would be stressful, but the combined impact on the body has been likened to a steady trickle of water hitting a sidewalk. A day’s worth of drops hardly hurts anything. A month’s worth of drops might discolor the concrete. But years of drops erodes the pavement. In the body, the steady drip of environmental blight at every turn can cause chronic illness, mental health issues, and disease.”


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