How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick is an excellent and desperately needed addition to the nursing literature on community and social justice. Impressive for its narrative style that provides accessibility, relevance, and a guide for praxis, Veronica Squires and Breanna Lathrop detail their journeys and desires to help the most vulnerable in society and offer us a glimpse into the transformation of mere practice into praxis—practice that is intentionally aimed at social justice goals. Their pathways to praxis are substantiated by their poignant and pragmatic accounts of emerging awareness, deep self-reflection, risk taking, choosing change, and taking action to transcend present circumstances for both their clients and themselves. A mandatory book for current times as nurses expand their scope and locus of practice into the community. How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick is an amazing example of emancipatory nursing. It will transfix and engage any health care provider seeking to reduce suffering by uncovering and challenging systemic barriers to better society and quality of life through true praxis.”